Sunday, March 22, 2015

A tidy cache-pot of conspiracies

  How easy it sometimes
  is, these days, to un-
  derstand the fashion-
  able disdain for infor-
  mation. The tidier the
  perch, the more the hy-
  phens; and you don't
  see a confident man do-
  ing hyphens.


  1. Lovely - also the learning of a new word: Hyphen:))

    1. Kind of you to remark on that odd orthographic fixture, innocent as it is. Do you enjoy punctuation, by the way? I'm running out of little marks of that kind and would love to know if you have any.

      But now I must tell you, to achieve the infantile scale of this perch, befitting the occasion, the carpenters had to erect a massive scaffold in my back yard, and I won't tell you how they hoisted me up there. A trap door, on the other hand (to the consternation of Texans everywhere), was not in the budget, and so I lowered myself with a leap into the funnies.

    2. Generally I try to avoid punctuation - from music I dream of a friction free line - which of course is impossible :)