Thursday, March 26, 2015

We hear the moldings of fact

       Now there is waged a war
       of spectacles, and it is
       always urgent to extin-
       guish the alien vision.

       It isn't what we resemble
       as we assimilate informa-
       tion. It isn't how we look
       as we think about it, to-
       gether. It is that we do.

       Therefore, it isn't ever
       even, what we listen to, 
       that sparks the blaze we 
       didn't light. This is set
       by a nature we share. The
       moldings may be a bruise,
       may be a caress; beneath
       them, something stays. 
       It's that it is in us, to
       listen, that not a thing
       can ever stop. The war is
       against vitality. When we
       fall, we only rise. How
       horrible we must look, we
       allow anyone always to say.

       It is the fairest slight.

Luke Edward Hall
  project for a framing

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