Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sending out for Boehner and Bibi

   Timing is everything. 

   Many, who couldn't bear
   the thought of risking in-
   gestion as Bibi and Boeh-
   ner trade robust resolve,
   will have underestimated
   the duration of their act.

   If there is no stalwart
   student pizza agency in
   your town down the road
   (and one can't believe,
   there isn't), it's incum-
   bent upon one rudimentar-
   ily to improvise a repast.

   If the soothings of pizza
   seem an incongruous pair-
   ing for rhetoric to rouse
   the blood, the transfats,
   alone, support the direst 
   apoplexy, with all the 
   panache of anchovy.

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