Monday, March 2, 2015

Flies of the Lord: Bibi and Boehner at play

     One spoiled child of
     martial impunity, and
     our own ill-bred ditz,
     the lads have brought
     one step further than
     they may ever be able
     to survive. What will
     they not bring down?

     It is everyone's task,
     it seems to me, not to
     but to remember their
     authors as foreseeable
     accomplices in shame,
     and wash each other in 
     restorative remembrance.

     There are fragilities 
     of trust and contradic-
     tory strains upon con-
     viction, in being spon-
     sors of a nation state
     sheltering an ethnicity, 
     to end the terrorism of
     ethnicity, which every
     day are open to inter-
     nal betrayals by hubris. 
     These, they give us to 
     see, and not deny. This,
     these flies of the Lord

     Possibly, the extraor-
     dinary scandal they 
     precipitate before us,
     may hoist the scaffold
     to their common folly:
     arrogant aggression
     and racist meannness, 
     on the most saturating
     scale these two states
     have hosted in 3 gen-
     erations, may dissolve
     in sweet ablutions of
     electoral response.

     How fair's the tide?

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