Tuesday, June 2, 2015


   Algeciras! A cruel hand
   dealt by the Almighty to
   set a Spanish anchorage
   six miles off Gibraltar.

   Our ball and chain, our
   nemesis, our xenophobes'
   redoubt, our unlamented
   Dixie will restore us 
   to total surveillance,
   for the going price. A
   hyper-investment in the
   warfare state has given
   us hyper-investment in
   what we call smart mon-
   ey will not roll over.

   You know guns? Finance
   is a gun. Politics is 
   knowing when to pull  
   the trigger.

Pellew to Horatio
Horatio Hornblower
  The Fire Ships
Meridian Broadcasting (UK)

Don Lucchesi to Vincent
Godfather III
Francis Ford Coppola and
  Mario Puzzo, screenplay
Paramount (USA)

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