Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mrs Clinton has gone down to Texas

        And may God speed her journey,
        need we beg, for some gushings
        of her sustenance?

        No. The very appropriate reflex
        against this metaphor is rather
        shopworn in the instance of two
        infinitely thirsty craviours of
        big money - sniff it, cash - we
        knew in the previous century,
        back now to assert progressiv-
        ism's rightful claims.

        I think the Democratic Party, 
        of Jefferson and Roosevelt,
        must be able to come up with
        one viable chalice of progress
        less anguished by a personal
        thirst. We don't expect eleg-
        ance of Clintonism's duet, but
        a slight deference to decorum
        is seldom unreasonably amiss.
        The vessel, after all, gives.
        It doesn't imbibe for itself.

        Even then, what progress is
        it, to put the Female Face
        of that fetish, forward? Is
        it congenial, to that end-
        lessly deferred incarnation 
        of liberation's dreams, to
        put forth a co-dependent of
        unregulated slush?

        I beg your pardon, to lack
        a picture to do justice to
        the matter. Who could have
        supposed such professional
        beneficiaries had crept a-
        board the Ark, much less a
        pair from our own species?


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