Saturday, June 20, 2015

Housekeeping high and low

The other day, a remark was
presented Anonymously, as a
Comment under the posting of
two images - a leaping nude
athlete and a grounded car
lauding the removal of its
text, for lacking in taste.

But the posting never bore
a text, so this prompted a
delt-scratching amongst the
editors. At last it was re-
called that the posting ad-
jacent to it had been taken
down, as things sometimes
are, to guard against any
accident of monotony, only 
to be restored in place,
once a broader range is re-
established. Having recent-
ly entered a posting on
Mrs Clinton's oddly loving
gatherings of cash, our
report of her restatement
of her interesting request
to be given our Presidency
only came so soon, as to 
yield the appearance of
an untoward pursuit of her.

Now that a little more time
has passed, and a public ut-
terance of immensely greater
interest has supervened, the
posting on her East River e-
vent has been restored, to
the judgment of all readers.

Far be it from our humble
perspective, to divine any
connection between baroque 
personal enrichments, and 
seeking to inhabit a palace.
Yet, as Mrs Clinton knows,
the Donald Trump campaign 
offers to run superb inter-
ference, for an entire De-
cameron of shenanigans. It
is hoped, therefore, that
even her willingest agents
will allow her to be dis-

Now, a new weekend allows
a new candidate to claim
his place in the pantheon
of pander. The one allow-
ing himself to be styled
Jeb! has come out (can you
stand the thought) to the
Faith and Freedom Coalition
as being against judicial
supremacy and the binding
stare decisis quality of
the Supreme Court's inter-
pretation of the Constitu-
tion. This, from the fam-
ily who rigged the life
out of the Court in the
first place, from Clarence
Thomas to little Sammy Ali-
to, is, to a contemplation
of two opposing points of
view at the same time, what
charity is to the Clinton
Global Initiative. Yet do
not say, Something must be
done. It has been. Elizabeth
Drew, who has been watching
Gothic political torments
for us since Richard Nixon,
has defined this one already.
You and I, meanwhile, may go 
play where we belong.

You're on ..

Jeremy Peters
The New York Times
June 19, 2015

Elizabeth Drew
The New York Review
June 16, 2015

Fred Lyon
Washington Street by Night

California Street by Day


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