Tuesday, July 28, 2015

House ii

  To mark rmbl's fifth
  year, I happily turn
  to an admired compil-
  ation by J.D. McClat-
  chy which I've cited
  repeatedly over the
  years, without per-
  mission. One cannot
  claim authority, ei-
  ther, not to share a
  a generous creation.

      And suddenly now this small
    Unlooked for joy. Where did it come from,
      With these pale shoots
    And drooping lavender bell? Persistent
      Intruder, whether or not
    I want you, you've hidden in the heart's
      Overworked subsoil. Hacked at
    Or trampled on, may you divide and spread,
      Just as, last night,
    The wind scattered a milkweed across the sky.

J.D. McClatchy
The Rest of the Way
  fragment: 2nd of 2 verses
op. cit.

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