Monday, July 27, 2015

Suggested, the Biden candidacy

    For the convenience of the reader-
    ship outside of the United States,
    whose interest I value greatly, it
    is enough to beg their indulgence
    in yet another domestic political
    comment, with repercussions, how-
    ever, of broader potential reach.

    It has become the responsible view,
    that projects under way in the cur-
    rent Presidency are of sufficient
    vulnerability to unravelling by a
    successor, even of the same Party,
    to favour one whose professional
    investment in them is unquestion-
    able, whose moral commitment to
    them may be trusted, whose sup-
    port of them will not subject 
    them to extraneous denigration,
    and whose capacity to shoulder 
    them is demonstrable.

    This therefore obligates those who
    concur with the first part, to sup-
    port the implication of the second.
    The only American politician defined
    by these criteria is Joe Biden.

    Let's see that he runs, and let's be
    ready to extend every encouragement. 

President and Vice-President
of the United States, announ-
cing an arms control accord,
Washington, July 14, 2015

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