Sunday, July 5, 2015

Theatre in the wood

Mrs Clinton slipped into Hanover
on the 3rd, almost unannounced,
but even then drew a throng some
8 hundred strong, wearing red by
the wood at the Big Green. The
"Still for Hill" brigade fell in,
with immaculate precision, while
hamburgers emerged, under tents.

So often the nemesis of wretches
everywhere, Fate deserved credit
this time for the amends it made
in the form of poignant interven-
tion, by a child not strapped to
an IED, wandering through secur-
ity to claim a place on the bema,
the stone plinth where Dartmouth
guys used to trudge to collect
degrees. The odds, need we say,
of a child's wandering onto the
proscenium at her pronouncement
of the word for child, feminine,
by empathy of Fate alone, were
said to approximate the prospect
of her reprising this act at the
Bohemian Grove. Hamburgers and
lemonade might not pass security.

Somehow, we'll get through this.

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