Saturday, July 11, 2015


Miles came up in conversation
today, and it was perfect weath-
er for him. One thought back to
his extraction of improvisation
- and of composition - from an
experience of listening. 

On a night like this, I ven-
tured into the Village to lis-
ten to Miles, alone. Aged 4, in
contemporary terms, I was 20 at
the time. Until then it was the
most intimate experience of my
existence. Man walks into a bar,
hears a soul, declining to be 
confined to itself. 

It's a summer night in Virginia.

                    .. What he is listening to is
               The muteness of the dog at each farm
               in the valley. Their silence means no
               lover is abroad nor any vagrant looking
               for where to sleep. But there is a young
               man, very still, under the heavy grapes
               in another part of Heaven ..

Miles Davis
Kind of Blue
  Blue in Green
Columbia, 1959©

Jack Gilbert
  Prospero Listening
  to the Night
op. cit.

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