Sunday, July 12, 2015

We'd been considering a nap

And somebody said, what if the
President were to settle for
just two Nobel Peace Prizes,
and elect a successor from his
own Party in exchange for the

Immediately, it gelled. The
second prize, already assured
for diplomatic relations with
Cuba, will happily paint poor
Marco into the shabby little
corner he has spent a career,
plastering. Alas, he's been
cultivating the wrong billion-
aires. Nobody's going to turn
down that marketplace, just

Yet, a third prize, for an
accord with Iran, would only
be for more peace than Israel
Plus, there's the ostentation
to avoid, in doing more good
than the market will bear; 
and if the President were to
play it right - an austere
refusal to be teased further
by a fanatical mystery cult -
he could allow his successor
a campaign slogan to drive
a stake through the mongrel
Right at the same time. Even

Not to affect indifference,

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