Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rhymes with truite

Un tweet de Laurent Fabius.

Oh, my. Les pâtisseurs
at the Palais Coburg
virtuously outdid them-
selves, to cheer up the
negotiating team from
Paris, on being away 
from home for the dawn
of Bastille Day. Still,
as dawns go, this one,
too, may be remembered.

That said, if the diplomats consider themselves winded, by all these months of struggling for a modus vivendi other than war, they can but marginally anticipate the ordeal now to be met by politicians who must sell it against the wind from profiteers of that higher calling, not only Republican, not only Likud, not only Sunni, but also, to be sure, Clintonian, gainfully non-committal and aloof from responsibility.

Let them together eat cake.

The tide for this will sweep their ramparts clean.

Delegates of France

Martin Conte
Rhys Pickering

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