Monday, July 13, 2015

This week of long remembrance

Like you, I've been struck by the
higher efficiency of social media
these days, to characterise a cen-
tral horror of a massacre, such
as we were offered in Charleston,
than we used to see in the 1960s.
Then, we had only professional
media, but its competition to en-
ter print at the highest levels
was genuine, intense, meritori-
ous, measured, and legitimate.
What it missed of feeling, it ap-
praised in weight. "Delay" dealt
it memorability.

The racist paroxysm in Charles-
ton may even prove itself to be
more transformational than I've
suggested. I doubt it; but if
it swings an election next year,
it will only re-acquaint us with
the limits of representation.

On the other hand, the profes-
sional media, from the WSJ to
TNYT to WaPo are undoubtedly
right in their alarm at signs
of European convulsion, once
again, on the halberd of Ger-
man policy. But this time, the
knives are not only long, they
are identifiable, torchlight
or not. 

We are more at the mercy of
Europe's vicissitudes, the week
reminds us, than we are isolat-
ed, insulated, free in a sense
we never have been. Charleston
is personal, Sonny. Europe is 
strictly business. 

Germany is affronted by Greece?
Who will speak from any nation
to the evil in this complaint?

Who may finally have to say, It
isn't enough to be powerful. One
has to be decent.

If not, again, humanity.

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