Thursday, July 16, 2015

Context on parade

   On any given day somewhat more
   than half of the readership of
   this page comes from Europe and
   Asia, where the image displayed
   below may be even less under-
   standable than it is in North
   America. This was the scene out-
   side a hotel in Oklahoma City,
   Oklahoma (in the south central
   position on this continent that
   Afghanistan occupies in Asia),
   where the American President 
   arrived Wednesday evening, be-
   fore speaking at a federal pris-
   on today, about injustices in
   the criminal justice system. 

   Another spontaneous, coinciden-
   tal outpouring of rapture in 
   outlaw heritage, intending no
   intimidation of African Amer-
   icans, no resistance to equal
   justice under law. Just love.

   We reckon, it is possible
   to cultivate that happier
   society by ignoring tran-
   sitory signs of intransi-
   gence. It just takes sev-
   eral generations longer,
   than awakening to them.

i   Mateus Fini

Doug Mills, photography
The New York Times©
July 15, 2015

iii  Stefanos Milatos

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