Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nobis sancti spiritus

 The Washington Post has opined that
 Pope Francis has appeased the Castro
 régime in not exploiting his tour of
 Cuba to demand political concessions
 of human rights - at least, that is,
 to the editors' satisfaction. There
 was no suppressing, however, a clear
 general thrust of his call for a rev-
 olution of tenderness, as he departed.

 Concluding one of the most remarkab-
 the spirit ever to be reduced to writ-
 ing, the newspaper snidely remarked,
 But then, it takes more fortitude to
 challenge a dictatorship than a dem-

 We are compelled to wonder how much
 else of people of faith this newspap-
 er would like to demand, on its watch
 of human fortitude. Just whose forti-
 tude would the newspaper place on the
 line, for this thrilling confrontation?
 That of the diplomatically immune agent

 Who needs Marco Rubio, with comprehen-
 sion like this, of the real imperil-
 ments of confrontational fortitude?
 The real human suffering, the real
 human cost, the real test of faith,
 the real revolution demanded, as if
 commanding a great vintage, here and
 now, from a vulnerable vine in mid-
 season? Who is it, who suffers for
 the gratification of stupidity in
 the stewardship of worldly demands?

 How many divisions has he: Stalin.
 He has a mission to comfort the souls
 of the faithful, to encourage through
 them the outcomes so impetuously and
 ignorantly demanded by this newspaper,
 not to subject them to martyrdom as a
 proof of their fortitude. His disdain,
 his objections to injustice are only
 too unwithheld to be missed by people
 subdued by any restraint, save those
 corrupted, by the easy pleasures of
 missions accomplished.

Matas Ignatavicius

Herbert List
  Mexico, 1958

Last cluster
  Virginia, 2005

Alexander Agricola
1445 - 1506
Motet, Nobis Sancti Spiritus
San Francisco Chanticleer
Chanticleer Records, 1993©

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