Thursday, September 24, 2015

I don't mind die neue sachlichkeit

for a critic

  I don't mind the new
  objectivity. But, my
  god. Look at that.


     Is this, Maître, Wright's unin-
     terrupted, beautiful symphony
     for canvases and viewing them,
     or his ultimate, exuberant via-
     duct of optimism, between the
     chauffered matron, heading north,
     and the new bourgeois, townward
     bound: Henry Adams' Virgin and
     his dynamo? As it mediates, it
     seems unmistakeably a bridge, a
     synapse, an armature of a spark.

     Guggen-here, Guggen-there. Trea-
     sure bracing gushes of its fount,
     and repeat after it, New York.

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