Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our gun creeps are out en masse

Not the wielders of guns
but their idolators; not
out in the outdoors, but
exposing themselves with
social media, less as a
dorm of helpless twinks,
than as twigs fermenting
in the dank undergrowth.

They claim to speak for
a nation great and, can
you stand it, fearless.

They call for a cartoon
kind of carnage, fanta-
sy obliterations, sala-
cious sufferings, you'd
think they'd had by now.

I suppose the first law
of defaming lust, is to
pursue its misdirection.
Or was this why we read
The Bacchae in daylight?

        A racket of jackdaws, the serrated call
        of a falcon as I walk out onto the lake.

Robin Robertson
Sailing the Forest
Selected Poems
  Signs on a White Field

i   Daniel Hasselberg, photo
ii  Tim Heatherington, photo

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