Sunday, November 15, 2015

Miraflores download

      Hey, cool. Another
      Bush wants another
      war to save Chris-
      tians from savages.

      And why not, if it
      will shelter a tax
      cut with the flag?

      Did you ever hope,
      against such odds,
      to catch a differ-
      ent bus? Or is an-
      other vehicle for-
      bidden to a patri-
      ot? They will try.
      They are, already.


  1. I do hope that there will be never another Bush, for the sake of the Americans and the world. Against all restrictions, forbiddance - let's take any bus, any vehicle, to a better world, to peace, tolerance and humanity.
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord, France,

    1. In the section of his "Illuminations" titled, "Enfance," Rimbaud warns, "Il y a enfin, quand l'on a faim et soif, quelqu'un qui vous chasse." And still we do hunger, we do thirst, and in his brilliant choice of words we are more than merely chased away, but hunted. I admire your resolution and would like to share it. Merci.

  2. Thank you too, Laurent.
    When I discussed matters of contemporary civilization, of social coexistence, my husband used to say that mankind, manhood, is only one step out of the cave unfortunately. And I ask myself over and over again - when do we learn.

    (sorry about my English)

    1. Oh, we have our better moments, as you continually remind us at La Pouyette, creating as well as recreating some of them, yourself; conceiving them, saving them, passing them on. We know all we need to know, right now, and have known for 2,500 years since the stagings of the Oresteia, what becomes of cycles of vengeance, besottedly championed here right now, to exploit these latest trials of Paris. We're obliged to exercise these imperishable resources of understanding, and we're right to propose their consideration. But you ask, when do we learn. Boys who go to Andover and Yale, girls who go to Wellesley are
      given this heritage for the conservation of clarity and the mastering of pride. When they come before us to renounce these virtues, it isn't yet our right to let them pass, for meaning well.