Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday commute cxvi: à la recherche du temps délicieux

Perhaps the immobility of 
the things that surround us 
is forced upon them by our 
conviction that they are them-
selves, and not anything else, 
by the immobility of our con-
ception of them. For it always 
happened that when I awoke like 
this, and my mind struggled in 
an unsuccessful attempt to dis-
cover where I was, everything 
revolved around me through the 
darkness: things, places, years.

  For my second undergraduate
  year I checked out of the
  Firestone Library one of
  their several copies of La-
  rousse Gastronomique. That's
  OK. In another year I lived
  with practically everything
  they had on the civil war in
  Spain. A dorm room is a dy-
  namite place for immersion;
  but I was lucky to have New
  York nearby, for field re-
  search in certain appetites.
  The other day, I found my-
  self transcribing Richard
  Olney's take on oeufs en
  meurette for a student, in
  his own term of wonder.

Ara Guler, photograph
Istanbul, 1956

Marcel Proust
C.K. Scott Moncrieff
À la recherche du
  temps perdu

Roger Chauveron
Café Chauveron
139 East 53rd Street

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