Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Time to think seriously of wintering

   I haven't thought to mention
   this, but if it weren't for
   California's sudden fashion,
   a hundred years ago, as a
   pleasant place for a winter
   residence, I'd not have been
   brought into this world, to
   a later generation, as a na-
   tive of that same impression.

   Now, as I think of winter-
   ing in my own time, I have
   to weigh the shock the place
   precipitates, as an unbeara-
   ble levitation in litheness,
   against everyone's endurance
   of the same crisis. 

   Everyone says, Oh, go ahead,
   be strong. Nobody, they re-
   mind me, encouragingly, has
   any water to swim anymore.

   But you know, I've long held,
   the elements alone are not to
   blame for California. It only
   seems to be spoiled, to feel
   the specific gravity of one's
   place of birth as the natural
   state. Is there such a thing?
   It's not for me to worry about.
   It can be resisted, as you see
   in this conjecture. But it can
   not be distrusted. Ask Rubens.

   Siblings, age 13 and 9. A point
   spread structuring the natural
   state, is a place of origin of
   enduring specific gravity. At-
   testing to and testing that im-
   pression, the goldfinch dances
   on his ribbon, undistrustfully.


Peter Paul Rubens
Albert and Nikolaus
Collection Lichtenstein

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