Thursday, December 31, 2015

Chimes have rung at Windsor

Our sun's quaint custom,
of always setting upon one
outpost or another of the
English language, is some-
times a great convenience
to the timely mixing of a
dry martini, more or less
at will. It's from that
amusingly distributed ton-
gue that we now recite our
happy news, of the jury's
successful completion of
another tonsorial tourney,
selecting the Haircut of
the Year in a single, u-
nanimous ballot. First,
the runner-up ~ a player
of distinction in the
texts celebrated by the
champ. For our part, it
will make for a fine af-
ter dinner treat to re-
visit his best work in
film, of that very kind.

And now we learn with
great delight, that 2016
will see a 50th anniver-
sary screening in several
American cities, of that
infinitely rich tapestry
of Bolingbroke selfies,
The Haircut jurors plain-
ly reasoned, that if deso-
lation is the inevitable
backdrop for the winning
haircut, the bearer need
not be the one to wear it.

Time to go and play.

                 Now comes in the sweetest morsel
                 of the night, and we must hence
                 and leave it unpicked ..

William Shakespeare
King Henry IV
  Part II
II, iv, 364-365
The Arden Shakespeare
A.R. Humphreys
Methuen & Co., Ltd., 1966©

River Phoenix
My Private Idaho
Gus van Sant

Jeanne Moreau
  Doll Tearsheet
Orson Welles
  Sir John Falstaff
Orson Welles
  art direction
Chimes at Midnight

Bridget Gellert Lyons
Rutgers Films in Print
  Chimes at Midnight
  Orson Welles, director
Rutgers University, 1988©

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