Thursday, December 31, 2015

We still have time for entries

  The prize for Haircut
  of the Year is not a-
  warded every year; it
  is bestowed on a ton-
  sorial performance as
  the sole redeeming a-
  menity within a field
  of view. The drawback
  here was an incontro-
  vertibly well-planted
  urn. A bit more deso-
  lation, a little less
  botanical vitality, a
  new entry could sweep
  the field of all pre-
  tenders, by midnight.

   How wittily fu-
   nerary the urn,
   dripping acrid-
   ity to burn, as
   toxic a turn as
   terned, so pit-
   iable to spurn.

   Suspicion gathered for-
   cibly among the jurors,
   of the alien intruder's
   exploitation of desola-
   lation in self-inflict-
   ed melodrama of transit.
   Still, undeniable hair.

                      With brick and mortar
                      so passé in a virtual
                      shopping day, jurors
                      sensed a true hoo-ray
                      welling up in judging
                      play, and sought out
                      moral guidance: if de-
                      light found no subsid-
                      ence, might they call
                      it all a day by award-
                      it to hay?

Dorothy Wilding
Noel Coward

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