Thursday, December 24, 2015

It could happen

A gallant and generous 
blogger from the Péri-
gord, La Pouyette, has 
framed a Christmas post
from the perspective of 
the handsomest way of an-
ticipating its arrival. 

Apart from Heraclitus' 
perfect perch, of a 4-
posterful of infant sib-
lings, a Christmas story  
works best in manifesting 
its miracle, in a vacancy 
rather than in an author-
ity of prophesy. I think, 
"Who knew," is its pitch, 
and that only untrumpeted, 
is its interlineation in 
the incidents of everyday 
life, a possibility. 

Prophesy didn't cause it, 
couldn't define it, can't 
help it. Now, there's pow-
wer without force.

I expect to be wrong, but
I still can be glad.

Joonas Paraviainen
Kathmandu, 2012


  1. Merry, Merry Christmas, dear Laurent!
    And all my best wishes for a peaceful end to the year.
    Thank you very much indeed for your "blog" friendship!
    Simply special for me.
    Warmest greetings, Karin

    1. Dear lady, today I thought of you again in a posting citing a beautiful story by William Maxwell, which I very warmly recommend to you, although you may already know it -- not only because it relates a quest for the best of the Périgord, but because of its delectation of the universals. I admire and rely on your way of finding them. :)