Thursday, January 14, 2016


I wonder if a childhood
of younger brothering 
can be cited for a weak-
ness I have for the com-
pany of smarter friends.
I don't know how they
tolerate it, but I sus-
pect that I do by calm-
ly assuming I will grow
some capability eventu-
ally. Never mind, that
actuarily, the talent
meter begins noticeab-
ly to swerve toward the
ranks behind one; the
custom of waiting for
one's anointment has
been established.

Still, now and again
a cinder can find its
way to the eye, and a
morning's spent in
blinking. Of course,
this happens only in
one's swirl. Eliot
and Woolf come with
sirens, masks.

Now I'm glad there
are no fortresses,
no redoubts of un-
surprised reflexes.
One can use a gift. 


                           new gods are
                           making deals

                           all the time

Denis Bold
  Orpheus Looks Back
Inverness, 2015©

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