Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clear and clean

This evening, there will be an op-
portunity to listen to the first
President of the United States, ev-
er to seek election on the basis
of securing actual rights which did
not exist until he fought for them
and won them.

Self-quotation is abhorrent, pom-
pous, and rhetorically feeble. But
I cite the opening statement of a
posting I offered in 2012, for the
timeliness of the notice, and dis-
piritingly, for the certainty of
the longevity of its validity. We
are not seeming to desire leaders
like this, and so it would be re-
miss not to remember the claims of
the alternative --

                   At the same time, it is striking, that
              he is implacably opposed by one Party
              which vows to destroy each of these
              rights, and that their policies still
              draw mesmerised attention. Who is anim-
              ated in this land, every day on get-
              ting out of bed, by the prospect of
              destroying someone's life as a matter
              of political satisfaction?

I don't know the answer to that
question, but I know who their
heroes are. I know, too, they've
vowed to disavow a sound modus
vivendi he has structured, lead-
ing a consensus of the world, in
relations with a powerful Gulf
state. I know, they've vowed to
disavow a humane interaction with
a state we've done everything pos-
sible to crush, in our own neigh-
bourhood. I know they loathe the
calm he projects for its stature.
I know they are proud of it all,
and I know they need to harm.

I am listening to this President
exactly his character of official
conduct in my country, one fine
day. My parents saw it, I do not
know whose children will.

ii  Keith Vaughan

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