Friday, February 12, 2016

Contest of fugitives

I listened to the two
candidates for the Dem-
ocratic nomination, in
Milwaukee; and I was
only moved to wonder,
what is going on, here?

What was wrong with the
voice we knew from the
land, to digress as we
hear now? We can't say,
the king of the crickets
in Lorca absconded with
it, because they were so
audible in imitating him.

     I am for those who walk abreast with the whole earth,
     Who inaugurate one to inaugurate all.

     I will not be outfaced by irrational things,
     I will penetrate what is in them that is sarcastic upon me,
     This is what I have learnt from America --

Walt Whitman
Leaves of Grass
1891 - 1892
  By Blue Ontario's Shore
    17 [fragment]
Justin Kaplan
The Library of 
  America, 1982©
op. cit.

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