Saturday, February 13, 2016

The fact

     The fact, that the passing
     of one single jurist, ap-
     pointed for life, can in-
     stantly be appraised as
     the most consequential oc-
     currence of 2016, before
     more than half its second
     month has expired, fills us
     with tempering consolation,
     to recall that a decent man
     will select his successor.

     Of course, the bitterness
     that will resist his duty
     has already congealed, and
     will excoriate the gods as
     faithless arbiters of fate.

     The President was elected
     twice to exercise this pow-
     er, for a term of four full
     years - not to a term sub-
     ject to the longevity of a
     life appointee, elsewhere.
     Now no nanosecond has de-
     tained the rabidest dogs of
     our time from howling, that
     a treason is embedded in a
     soul's release from care,
     its warfare, accomplished.

Ingmar Bergman

A principle of growth
28 July 2012

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