Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jeb has done the right thing

Time for the
other one to
do the same?  

Let's put it another way.

When Nixon arrived, we
thought, well, he won't
be here forever. When we
had Reagan, we thought,
well, he won't be here
forever. When we had the
second Bush, we thought,
well, he won't be here
forever. That's 24 years
of waiting for some re-
mission from monstrosity,
interspersed with eight
of the Clinton duet's ig-
nominious triangulations,
ignoring both the first 
Bush's and the only Ford's 
abdications of leadership.
Forgetting Jimmy Carter's
blank, one could have en-
dured into a decrepit age,
and still not have lived
in a just nation, glimpsed
through obstruction, since

Now the positively macabre
resurgences of the cynical
worst in one Party and the
demented nadir of the other
are celebrating, this fine
day, as if we had no memory,
indeed no mind, they could
not dominate with harangues
of illegitimate panderings
of vengeful conflict and/or
revanchist anti-federalism,
in every news cycle. And if
you were American on this
noisy weekend, would you en-
tertain the thought, that ei-
ther of them won't be here 
forever, anymore?

Not until the one Party dis-
penses with its cynicism, is
the other's cruel exploitive-
ness going to go away. If Mr
Sanders is not electable, it
is necessary to make him so;
so that, even if he is not
then elected, the nation
will have renewed our sub-
scription to plain speaking.


  1. ignominous; Adjective ‎(comparative more ignominous, superlative most ignominous)

    1. Misspelling of ignominious.

    1. Better a rodent than our software spellchecks. Thought I had rounded up that vowel, thanks for noticing.