Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The closer I get

and Inverness

     Aside from the flour and oil,
     the third essential element 
     of the Genovese focaccia is
     the large crystals of salt
     sprinkled on top.

                 The closer I get to elegance,
                 I see its impeachment of min-
                 imalism. It's amplitude, sim-
                 plified by proportions of na-
                 ture. Style, then is its pro-
                 vincial gesture, a motive for
                 travel. Salt is the constant, 
                 and water sees that I get it.

                 Nourishment is as good a mod-
                 el as any, for gaining trust.
                 Do I think, what feeds a pal-
                 ate of fairness, or do I bite
                 for my winning of inelegance?

                 The proportions of nature, by
                 the same token, are as good a
                 model as any, for holding me. 

Elena Kostioukovitch
Anne Milano Appel
Why Italians Love to
  Talk about Food
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2009©