Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday history by the downspout

We were immediately conducted
into the little Chapel on the
right hand. Sir Roger, plant-
ing himself at our Historian's
Elbow, was very attentive to
everything he said, particular-
ly to the Account he gave us 
of the Lord who had cut off 
the King of Morocco's head ..

      Our conductor then pointed
      to that Monument where there
      is the Figure of one of our
      English Kings without an Head;
      and upon giving us to know,
      that the Head, which was of
      beaten Silver, had been stolen
      away several Years since: Some
      Whig, I'll warrant you, says 
      Sir Roger; you ought to lock up 
      your Kings better; they will
      carry off the Body too, if you
      do not take care.

Joseph Addison
Richard Steele
The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers
  from The Spectator, London
  1711 - 1712
    XXII: Sir Roger in Westminster Abbey
The Heritage Press, 1945©
op. cit.

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