Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The bell at the interval

I awoke this morning to discover
myself residing in a Super Tues-
day State. The surprise began to
make itself understood as a wear-
ing in of treads, punctuated by
a gathering chatter, greeting me
even with awareness of my choice.

 What would it have meant to the
 neo-classical theory underlying
 our Constitution, if everyone 
 were not to show up? A system,
 relying upon the vitality of fac-
 tion and the candor of personal
 perception, thence to be assessed
 and extruded into shifting place-
 ment within, and acting as a check
 upon our structures of governing,
 depends also on everyone's show-
 ing up to play. Not as sages, but
 as themselves; or the concept col-
 lapses, and the game is not fair.

 No one is unneedy, of exercising
 himself, contributing himself. I
 see rmbl standing for Mr Sanders.

Hannes Kilian

Mark Rothko

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