Friday, April 22, 2016

American scholar

Yes, of course, I am excited by
the totally integrated work of
art. But the truth is that there
is something far more important ..
than this unitary idea .. What I
really want from art is a variety
of qualities, a multiplicity of
qualities, a kaleidoscope of qual-
ities, the unpredictability of
qualities, qualities that are as
varied as the artists who create
the works of art. And I suspect
that when artists are shaping and
deepening and clarifying the qual-
ities that mean the most to them,
then quality in the sense of whole-
ness and oneness takes care of it-

    I only wanted to see you
    Bathing in the purple rain.

                     When I first started out ..
                     I was most concerned with
                     freedom. Freedom to produce,
                     freedom to play all the in-
                     struments on my records, 
                     to say anything I wanted to.

    Such intentions, recalled
    in retrospect, were famous-
    ly, prolifically placed in
    play, and then, witnessing
    the fulfillments, we saw a
    profuseness of integrated 
    elements, mastered, which 
    awed us in Charles Chaplin.

    The education we enjoy in 
    this country, in what we
    want, lost a straight A
    student in him. Wherever
    now we do play fair, he's
    expected us. He drew us.


Yves Klein

Condé Nast
Magazine cover

i    Jed Perl
         Watteau and his world
      Knopf, 2008©
      op. cit.

ii, iii


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