Sunday, April 17, 2016

People who wonder

I have friends, it should
probably be said at this
point, who get in touch to
say, What is this thing a-
bout Sanders?

It hasn't anything to do
with Sanders. It has to do
with his rising to the de-
mands of contemporary time,
to make himself available,
for people to be democrats.

This could have gone a
different way, as we've
seen, across the aisle:
the single aisle, we all
walk, on axis to the bal-
lot box. This could have
gone in the streets, as
no one needs to warn us.

But Sanders came along at
a moment when democrats
seemed ripe to be harvest-
ed as pawns, driven by a
pervasive, angry blackmail
in our time; and utilized,
at long last, to redeem a
legacy stunted by success.

He said, The way is open,
and whose fault is it, he
was the only one?

Now the parterre, most a-
ligned with the spirit of
the time, resounds chaotic
in the frolic of its heirs.

ii    Minor White
       Man with flag

iii   Sabine Weiss
       Jardin de Tuileries

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