Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gangland get-together

Any moment now, innocent bystanders
of the momentous tête-à-tête the GOP
has arranged between Mitt Romney's
casuist running mate, the Speaker of
the House, and the loose cannon can-
didate who opposes most of their a-
genda, are going to realize that we
do have a dog in that hunt. It is the
defeat of faux Conservatism from with-
in its own ranks. Given that the Dem-
ocrats promise to present us with an
exponent of triangulation, is neces-
sity for expunging the loony-tunes 
liturgy of laisser-faire, from erupt-
ing in our face over every proposal 
of sanity in government, worth infil-
trating a mole in that sorry place,
instead of a shepherdess of foxes?

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