Saturday, May 14, 2016

The indecent descent

Yesterday, in the op-ed pages of
The New York Times, Texas' Sen-
ator Cruz revived confidence in
our dread of Friday the 13th by
fulminating in highest evangel-
ical dudgeon, for the principle
that the foreign policy of the
United States should be shaped
of the ruling coalition in Is-
rael's Knesset. When you peel
away the languour in his rhet-
orical swoons, as the fetching
draping of a fisherman's sweat-
er from the fallen trapezius of
his argument, it exposes his
chronic insinuation of lubri-
cious fervor where discipline 
has failed. We know vampires
of cooler head. 

Americans now know, only one
candidate is commenting with
necessary to guide themselves
away from the revolting escap-

Much shenanigan and sideshow
lend cover in this season for
ignominy more enduring and bi-
partisan than the parodies we
suffer in our discontent. Our
seduction by contentment hums
along on continuing consensus.
Even Le Pavillon closed as yet

Xavier Serrano

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