Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are we never to be allowed Palestinian friends?

Does anyone not experience his
lifetime deprivation of a Pal-
estinian friend eventually as
a truly palpable injustice? I
forgot mercy, when I was pur-
chasing an espresso this mor-
ning, hurriedly in town, and
saw Tyler Hicks' photograph on
the front page of The New York
Times as a double-force remind-
er in one glance: the press's
precious pressing of involun-
tary views of life, is almost
vanishing in the convenience
of the self-absorbed device
that lets the self-empowered
know no more than they know.
And the disempowered somehow
seem more evil every day.

Not just less legitimate, not
just more impertinent, as they
were introduced to us in 1948,
by discovery. I forgot mercy long
ago in this fair protocol of pol-
icy, our Parties have competed to
intensify. Like Genet in The Pris-
oner of Love, I only asked if I 
imagined Palestinians, thinking 
of myself. This is the problem of
a portrait in the paper that one
can't expect to see in an internet

Always not supposed to see asserts 
the power of expectation until sud-
denly its pose is thrown off-balance
and one knows there is a part of one-
self missing. I forgot mercy as the
newspaper showed me the soldiers ly-
ing in the bunker as their missile
sped aloft to find something unseen 
to kill, at least to hurt. Fastidi-
ous enforcement of our sovereignty
only deprives us of its image in the

Willing a consequence has never been
less meticulous in its means. I for-
got mercy and was interrupted by a
newspaper, even as I was pondering
in my espresso, what I would like to
see to give me pleasure undisturbed
by something awful, done to me. May
I let it go as an agreement, going
on four generations, not to worry?

i    Cerruti dressing room
ii   Tyler Hicks photo, 18 Nov 12
iv  Rina Castelnuovo photo, 18 Nov 12
v   Vlad Averyonov


  1. not a comment, but a suggestion...
    a nice film you might like to watch: "The Other Son"

    here is a link to the film's trailer on YouTube

  2. Thank you for the reference, I'm sure we could benefit not only from your exposure to cinema but also to the region. I appreciated your sharing of the recent visit to Tunisia.