Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thorny, practicing Thanksgiving

Thorny has taken a sound studio to
rehearse his faculty for exultation.
And why should this not be, he rea-
soned, as only he can; to whom much
is given .. and so forth. But this
no more than true, after all; even
a yawn, for Thornhill, engages his
delight in its execution. When his
invitation declared, that it would
be a Henry Fielding dinner, Betty 
Commilfaux had her seamstress goog-
le the reference, unwilling to be
hacked as an innocent in another
of Thorny's puns. Being told that
it was all about A Voyage to Lis-
bon, she sent down to the cellar
for a tawny Port of opulence.

The stage has thus been fairly set
for our Thorny's Tom Jones dinner,
viands of pure hilarity shining of
sweet innocence at a table set for
.. Betty. Who knew, that all their
friends would leap at this chance,
to allow their regrets to advance
the cause of felicity in society?
Knotty, Thornhill's popular major-
domo, is crazed with anticipation,
and sweeps the landing clear of
spotty gulls. 

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