Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oregon, Kentucky

    There is always voting being done,
    in a free society, but balloting
    this year will shortly shift from
    voting in that state, to submitting
    to the weight of a political indus-
    trial complex in our fifty States.

    In these hours, where voting still
    is able to adopt the form of ballot-
    ing, in the last of the Parties to
    suffer it as a sideshow soon to be
    swept away, this page wants to pay
    respect to that state of being, de-
    nied even to the Queen - the sheer
    joy, as the screenplay says in the
    Stephen Frears film, of being par-
    tial. Before, that is, the rôle as-
    signed to Americans by their Estab-
    lishment, of serving, resumes be-
    neath a dump of pompous balloons.

    One Party howls already of being
    taken captive by voting; but this
    is the lament of policy's having
    been eaten away by false promises.
    That Party had not been Conserva-
    tive since Dewey. The hot excuse,
    making the rounds in the intelli-
    gentsia, for the Republicans' em-
    barrassment - too much democracy -
    understates the Party's distinct
    avidity for structuring its coal-
    itions on the foulest emotions.

    In the other Party, things are
    still being said, as we breathe.
    One day, suffrage may transpire.
    This Tuesday, in Oregon and Ken-
    tucky, one wishes to be there,
    not for any empire but that one,
    just to take the air within one.

Joeri Bosma photo
Sune Jonsson photo

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