Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxix: The placard forest

And this man. What does he now seem like, to you?

Like a child
  who has wandered into a   forest
Playing with an imaginary
And suddenly discovers he
  is only a child
Lost in a forest, wanting
  to go home.

Compassion may be
  already a clue

Towards finding your
  own way out of the

But even if I find
  my way out of the
I shall be left with the 
  inconsolable memory
Of the treasure I went into the
  forest to find
And never found, and which
  was not there

And perhaps is not anywhere?
  But if not anywhere,
Why do I feel guilty at not 
  found it?

T.S. Eliot
The Cocktail Party
  A Comedy
  Act II
Harcourt, Brace©

Riita Paivalainen
Ida Pimentoff

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