Tuesday, July 19, 2016


         With so much blame for
         their humiliation, be-
         ing cast into the mob,
         who had pause to feast
         on their disgrace?

Wole Soyinka
The Bacchae of
  A Communion Rite
Norton, 1974©
op. cit.



  1. In all your blog entries your photos are always so beautiful.

    1. Noticing the name, I feared I might have written to myself.

      I will take this observation as one of satisfaction? In any case, thank you for it. Yesterday, and occasionally, there is a departure into the unpleasant, but rmbl is a project in portraying how indivisible any underlying consciousness is. That established, one looks for an expressiveness which may be congruent, may be ironic as foil for the text. I realise, this comparative seamlessness can look tiresome on the page. Yet one accepts the risk. Over time and in all circumstances, one is simply confiding how unlike a superficial choice of clothes or of any “lifestyle,” “preference,” or “orientation,” a person’s outlook - may we call it - ever is. Don’t you find, assumptions to the contrary are somewhat innocent, but sometimes operate as polite mechanisms of prejudice?

  2. You have an interesting blog and beautiful photos, I imagine it takes time to find the picture you like to illustrate what you have written. I do not know if assumptions to the contrary are innocent, often they are based on lack of knowledge or unfamiliarity.

    1. Yes, lack of knowledge or unfamiliarity can not be forgotten and I welcome the reminder. As to the question of selection, the problem often works the other way: an image discovered proposes a text, where then the test is the same but also very different. Thank you for your interest in these "workings."