Friday, July 22, 2016

Principles of epidemiology i: Spare us your cooties

Did nobody else see little
Donny Thump-Thump endeavor-
ing to spread his cooties
last night, with molesting
condescension? Can he con-
ceive no limit to the al-
lure of his infection, as
his hot mob exults in his
foul, fulsome recruitment,
thanking them for applaud-
ing his seduction of sur-
vivors of their own crime?

At the level of his devel-
opment, we recognize that
feint as offering cooties.

Where is Nancy Reagan when
we need her. Just say no.

Running on a platform to
strip people of their
rights, anathematize their
lives, hound them with an
establishment of religion,
and indemnify their foes,
it is sadistically preda-
tory to insult them with
a hug. What, no torches?

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