Monday, September 26, 2016

Keep a good thought

So, the contest is tightening,
right, and time is moving now,
right, and we remember how the
hidden majority for Brexit had
simmered for months below this
very margin dividing the right
candidate from the unthinkable
one. Two points, adduced in an
interview in the Post are ger-
mane to these variations:

Britain, for all her ingenious
bulwarks against barroom popu-
list governance, lacks the re-
gal impediment of the Elector-
al College, to thwart the tiny
populations, even in their en-

And another thing to remember,
against the drumroll of might,
makes right:

              He doesn’t have a lot of patience 
              for detailed policy discussions. 
              I agree his bar is low. But for him 
              to be presidential, patient, polite, 
              and seem interested — he has not gone 
              through anything like this before. 
              With all due respect to his primary 
              opponents, they’re not Hillary Clinton.

David Plouffe
  Campaign manager
  for both of Obama's
  electoral victories

September 26, 2016

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