Monday, September 26, 2016

Macabre vigil

According to all reports, fully
two-thirds of Americans of vot-
ing age distrust the two persons
they have invited to entertain
them in a performance of polit-
ical theatre this evening. This
should be good news for the mo-
tels of America, those refuges
for the despairing in their dis-
placement from home. Yet, for
those who couldn't bear to al-
low their own walls to resound
any further with these voices,
the ghoulish obligation to bear
witness to their own defeat will
immerse them in plastic duvets,
for shoddy rented privacy pan-
els to tingle with a televised
bombardment. What ever happened
to hopping down to the Trans-Lux
with neighbors, to hiss Roosevelt?

Has ever an election projected
such anomie, that unanimous re-
vulsion lacks a bonding epithet?

Peter Arno
The New Yorker

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