Friday, October 28, 2016

A boutonnière for casual Friday


  For those such as our friend
  Gérard, to whom a freedom of
  style comes naturally, obser-
  vance of Casual Friday tends
  less to try the imagination,
  than to transport it by ref-
  erences commemorating the oc-
  casion. When a Casual Friday
  falls upon the 2nd Friday be-
  fore the election of any fe-
  male President, he restores
  us to that endless night of 
  Strauss, when a trouser rôle
  is redistributed with a cer-
  tain poignancy of destiny.


  Our Trumpkins, while he's
  at it, adopt the same motif
  from a fundamentalist at-
  tachment to Le roman de la
  rose, that breviary of the
  aristocracy as Huizinga had
  it, signalling the waning
  of the Middle Ages to which
  they are so fondly attached.

  They do own a deity of love
  who locks the heart, bigly,
  but this is to mingle cross-
  ing and dressing by missing,
  once again, the whole point.

Sophie Koch

National Library of Wales
Manuscript plate
The goddess of love
  locks the lover's heart
14th C


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