Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sampled fruit

The photographer who created
this unreasonably excellent
picture has presented it as
suggesting Sunday afternoon,
manner of Edward Hopper.

The dialogue between the mak-
ing and the depiction of vis-
ual art is present enough in
each of these artist's works,
to portray how familiarly we
associate with created image-
ry, as in this cottage space.

And his reference to another
artist is therefore clearly
one of consciousness as much
as of construction. In this
proposition, the photograph-
er raises the acts of poetry,
in which his dialogue with
the painter is consuming. 

We see it done in words more
often, as a scavenging assem-
blage of almost a parallel so-
ciety, implicit contributions
susceptible of such sampling. 

                         I have eaten
                         the plums
                         that were in
                         the icebox

                         and which
                         you were probably
                         for breakfast

                         Forgive me
                         they were delicious
                         so sweet
                         and so cold

William Carlos Williams
This is just to say

Ivan Terestchenko

American veteran
October 5, 2010

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