Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Origins of Wednesday xliv: Entitlement reform

“If the U.S. does not win 
this case as it so obvi-
ously should, we can never 
have the security and safe-
ty to which we are entitled. 

These, categorically, are not entitle-
ments, anywhere in the time or space 
ever known by persons or nations. 
They are fetishes of demagogic illu-
sion which crop up when "soccer moms" 
can be identified for supporting ag-
gressive war, and when civil liberty, 
social justice, and the advancement 
of learning can be used to explain 
the pain of the uncomfortable as not 
the fault of the comfortable. This 
monstrous invention of the second
Bush government - that human life 
"entitles" one to pass unharmed 
through its gentle pastures - is 
now recited as an Apostle's Creed 
of sacrosanct nonsense entitling 
every excess of the degenerate 
state it sustains. 

We greet the face of Entitlement Re-
form in the Yemeni child who finally
arrived in New York this week, from
purgatory in Djibouti. Where is the
smug expectation of the bitter dilet-
tante of liberty, the rotten scowl 
of vigilance to deny it to humanity?

Give us good government of this world,
and let us be responsible for our soul.

President of the United States
February 8, 2017

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