Saturday, February 11, 2017

Morning window study

                                      .. the odor
of mid-summer hanging in winter.

  On January 16, 1989, the poet
  Philip Levine published a long-
  er version of an extraordinary
  poem he called, Perennials,
  than a reduction he issued two
  years later, in his own collec-
  tion, What Work Is. Scholars
  must surely be driven batty,
  in their quarrel over which 
  is the greater, the more auth-
  entic, the ultimate statement.

  Which voyage of Ishmael's was
  his true return to the sea, we
  might as well ask. Every visit
  proves the mystery of this po-
  em; this morning, just a frag-
  ment brings me to its presence.

Philip Levine
What Work Is
op. cit.

Photo credits unknown

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