Sunday, February 12, 2017

Episodes for the mentalities

  Like a restive Ishmael, in
  need of resort to sea, I 
  revisit the polymath works
  of Ivan Terestchenko from
  time to time. In fact, I
  gave myself the pleasure a-
  gain yesterday, and came a-
  way refreshed by a distinct
  impression that a state of
  méchance - which translates
  poorly as our word, malice -
  is highly dependent upon in-
  cident and bad illumination.
  There just are not tens of
  millions of persons in this
  country who will respond to
  a call of malice. Mischance 
  is a fluke, not a trait.


i    Ivan Terestchenko
     drawing in ink on paper
     ca 1995

ii   René Maltête
      1930 - 2000
      tribute, Terestchenko

iv  Ivan Terestchenko
     ca 1996
     Project for a dust jacket
       or gallery announcement
    Sailor drawings, made at sea
    [Demand publication: it could come]

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