Friday, February 17, 2017

Suppose it were Friday cxxii: Gathering speed

Have you been to the Musée d'Orsay
to see Millet's inspiration of the
motorcar? There's still time, even
as fast as fashion changes, today.
Luxury never commemorated labor so
swimmingly, or speed, its posture.

For every kernel of grain the gaze
assembles, discovery's less dimin-
ished than enhanced by a certainty
of following a grand haphazard way
of being formed, shaped, en route.

Now our demagogue for ancient jobs
bestrides the stage of luxury more
foully than emission standards can
bear, negligent and false to life,
while the provenance of art is oth-
erwise. Millet aroused indignation
at the Salon in 1875, but his work
was later bequeathed to the Louvre
to warn and edify false sentiment.

The picture's of a gender's place,
and we watch a gathering of speed.

E-Type 2+2
1961 - 1975

Jean-François Millet
The Gleaners

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